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Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder often struggle with depression, anxiety, relationships, and engaging in activities not part of their restricted interests.  Ongoing difficulty interpreting and responding to social cues, relatively low social motivation, and isolation frequently interfere with relationships throughout the lifespan.


Individuals diagnosed with ASD are also at increased risk for depression beginning in adolescence when they develop increased awareness of their difficulty establishing peer relationships, a pivotal developmental task during the adolescent phase. Anxiety is often associated with ASD and can be problematic in many settings.


Strong preference for highly restricted interests and activities further interfere with socialization and daily functioning. In these cases, counseling and psychotherapy can provide ASD individuals and their families with much-needed intervention to reduce negative mood and facilitate increased comfort and effectiveness in socializing and engaging in daily activities.


Our providers understands these unique challenges and can work effectively with the ASD individual and family to address presenting symptoms and improve daily functioning and quality of life.

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